Environmental Services
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Environmental Services in the SA military is a non-core Logistics function integrated into the Facilities Management function in support of the military mission. This function is responsible for ensuring the sustainability of military installations and supports the department’s core functions that relate to ‘providing military forces’ and ‘employing military forces’ through the implementation and execution of Military Integrated Environmental Management (MIEM).

Military Integrated Environmental Management in the SA DOD pertains to the natural, physical and cultural land and properties (software) in which the fixed assets such as buildings and associated services (hardware) are spatially located.

MIEM in Defence relates to:

  • The management of land and the natural environment in an integrated way so as to promote the success of the core processes of Defence, and
  • The management of the physical impact of military activities on the environment in which they are carried out.

In essence, at a corporate level, Environmental Services provides direction, control, co-ordination as well as execution of land and environmental-related tasks, which include Integrated Training Area Management, Base Environmental Management, Environmental Considerations in Military Operations, Environmental Education, Awareness and Training.

At the regional level, Environmental Services provides for the implementation, co-ordination and the execution of land and environmental-related tasks. The five regional offices’ responsibilities include the execution of Military Integrated Environmental Management at provincial level as well as co-ordination of Environmental Management within the respective regions. These regional offices act as single points of entry to provincial and regional structures of line function departments including the Departments of Public Works, Provincial and Local Government, Minerals and Energy and Water Affairs and Forestry. The regional offices also execute functional control over the environmental management offices at the military bases and training areas within respective regions.