Environmental Services
Vision & Mission
Policies & Legislation


Environmental Services adheres and upholds the following value system which is rooted in the vision of Military Integrated Environmental Management and that will provide for the professional management of the environment entrusted to the SA DOD:

  • Service Standards Priority is and will always be to be in support of the military mission. Maintain high standards of excellence and professionalism in every endeavour.
  • Excellence Actively seeking to improve on what is done well. Encourage innovative ideas and ensure that recognition is given where it is due.
  • Ethics Adopt and encourage reasonable working practices and not to be deluded by demands of vested interest. Execute tasks with clinical objectivity and trustworthiness and not evade difficult issues.
  • Openness and transparency Ensure clear communication. Create a climate of trust and transparency regarding the way that business is conducted internally as well as externally.
  • Consultation Seek and encourage links with other government departments as well as other relevant institutions or groups and promote the sharing of knowledge.
  • Teamwork One team within Environmental Services with one common goal. Debate issues fully with the main aim to reach the best possible solution for Environmental Services in striving towards the vision.
  • Accountability Create a learning environment where all members seek and share knowledge for the greater good of Environmental Services. Leading by example and influence others to follow and pledge to accept responsibility for military actions.