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Annual Environmental Awards

Annual Environmental Awards


The DOD Annual Environmental Awards Programme originated in 1983 to inspire units and members of the department to honour their responsibility towards the natural and built-up environment under their control as well as to give recognition to these units and individuals for their contribution to Environmental Services in the military. Currently there are eight categories in the Awards Programme of which five are awarded trophies and the remaining three awards.

The oldest competition is the Ecological Management category on the natural environment sponsored by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT). It is followed by the Base Environmental Management category for the built-up environment, which is sponsored by Caltex Oil Pty Ltd. The third category is on Environmental Education, Awareness and Training sponsored by the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), while the Conservamus category on individual or team contribution to Environmental Services was sponsored by the then Deputy Minister of Defence and Environmental Affairs, Mr Wynand Breytenbach.

The fifth category is the prestigious Military Integrated Environmental Management competition, donated and sponsored by the SA National Parks. Only units which have already been national finalists in at least two of the categories Ecological Management, Base Environmental Management or Environmental Education & Training and therefore have achieved and sustained the highest standard of professionalism and military integration of Environmental Services in the DOD qualify for entry into this competition.

The Rand Water Award for Water Efficiency and the National Energy Efficiency Association Award for Energy Efficiency serve to inspire and develop the conservation of water and energy in the department which has until recently been a fairly uncharted concept in the conservation of natural resources within the DOD. The eight and last category on Integrated Waste Management is sponsored by the Association for Clean Communities (previously the Keep Durban Beautiful Association) for the responsible management of all waste products in the DOD.

The entry for these eight categories is in the format of a mandatory Annual Environmental Management Report to be completed by all bases and units within the department. These entries are evaluated at regional and national level during March and April annually to produce national finalists in each of the eight categories. The finalist bases and units are evaluated by various panels of external and internal environmental experts in order to appoint winners and runners-up in each of the categories, which are presented with trophies, awards and certificates by either the Minister of Defence, the Deputy Minister of Defence, the Secretary for Defence or Chief of the SA National Defence Force at a prestigious award ceremony in June annually.

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