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Operation VUSELELA

The Department of Defence (DOD) administers vast tracts of Government land some of which is infested by invasive alien flora species, harming the ecological integrity and any potential for suitable productive use of the land. The Working for Water programme (WfW) of the Department of Water Affairs & Forestry (DWAF) provides a sustainable and reliable rehabilitation and restoration initiative that has critical ecological and social ramifications to enhance water security, biological diversity, the ecological functioning of natural systems, the productive use of land and to reduce the intensities of fires and floods. This is done through labour-intensive and social-development initiatives having a marked influence on employment opportunities, training and capacity building, community empowerment, social development, life-skill enhancement and “exit plans” for workers and other staff that can result in the creation of sustainable employment opportunities. As a sub-project of WfW, Operation Vuselela has been implemented to restore DOD land, through the empowerment of military veterans, in clearing invading plants.

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