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Environmental Considerations in Operations

Environmental Considerations in Military Operations (ECOps) has the objective of effectively incorporating environmental considerations into the planning and execution of all military training operations as well as foreign deployments to minimise the impact of military activities on the natural environment.

Field Sanitation

Waste Management

Domestic Waste Management

Management of Obsolete Ammunition

Deployment of Environmental personnel


The first real test for the inclusion of ECOps from the first step of planning throughout a deployment was by participating in Ex INDLOVU during 2005. ECOps personnel were integrated with the J7 (Specialist Services) Staff element at the Campaign HQ with Environmental officers appointed n each of the three (3) Joint Task Forces.

Specialist Services Office De Aar
ECOps Deploys First Tent Office

De Aar Campaign HQ
Ex Ndlovu 05 Campaign HQ Base

Ex Ndlovu 05 De Aar
ECOps Personnel are part of daily military activities



The first deployment of an environmental officer as part of the force structure for an external Peace Support Operation takes place to the Comoros Islands during 2006. ECOps become a success story.

Comoros AU Base
AMISEC Base from the air

AU Tent Base
SA lead nation of AU Mission in Support of Elections in Comores (AMISEC)

AU Base in Comores

Island View
Environmentalist’s dream!


After the development of the Guidebook on Environmental Considerations during Military Operations (ECOps), in post training starts off with theory during the Environmental Seminar Sep 2006 with a practical phase towards awareness of L4 environmental personnel wrt the inclusion of ECOps during the Military Planning Process and required inputs during the appreciation phase. 43 SA Bde affords ECOps the opportunity to do practical during Ex SEBOKA 2006 at Lohatlha MTA.

This training initiative is focusing on the Planning Process and level of participation of Evironmental Personnel according to predetermined documentation in generic format and coded EP101.

Ex HUGGER Presentation
Learners listening attentively at Biesiespan, Lohatlha

Ex HUGGER Teamwork and Team discussion
 Teams discuss impacts and compile documentation on generic formats for practical evaluation

Ex HUGGER Terrain visit
Learners identify impacts to include ECOps in planning process

Ex HUGGER Words of Appreciation
Ms Aggenbach, ECOps Programme Co-ordinator addresses participants during the closing function

Ex HUGGER Certificate Function
Ms Aggenbach presents Col de Goede of 43 SA Bde with a certificate in appreciation for their efforts in making this training opportunity a reality


A new Peace Support Operation was entered into by the RSA in assisting the return of exiled peoples of Burundi to their country. Once again ECOps was part of the planning from the first breath and established a post on structure for an Environmental Officer (Sgt-Capt) to deploy with the deploying forces rotating on a six monthly basis. For the firt time a new concept was successfully incorporated wrt the establishing of a post for an Environmental Planner who would be based in the RSA and be responsible for negotiations, backup and support ito environmental issues. The Environmental Planner furthermore forms part of the Verification Team periodically visiting the contingent in Burundi especially during handing and taking over processes during Rotation of Forces. Through these means Environmental Inputs can be more continuous and enhance progress in impact management.

Sgt Wally Botha (ASB Pothefstroom) was the first member to deploy in an important stage of the deployment where ECOps had to be implemented with every step of base layout and development. WO2 V.J. Mufamadi (JSB Garrison) relieved Sgt Botha during August 07 to continue the good work. Lt Cdr W. Kwak took the reigns as Environmental Planner for Op CURRICULUM

Sgt Botha
Environmental Officers deployed to Burundi Op CURRICULUM

The Environmental Planner for Op CURRICULUM, Lt Cdr Werner Kwak

Op CURRICULUM Early Stages
The base in early stages of Op Curriculum

Environmental Officers deployed to Burundi Op CURRICULUM


After successful integration of ECOps with Brigade planning and exercises, 46 SA Bde requests specific awareness training to be done during Ex SEBOKA 07 ito the physical implementation of ECOps during planning and execution of an exercise. Brigade Environmental Awareness Training (BEAT) is born with the first opportunity for training taking place during October 2007 at Biesiespan Lohatlha. Initial planning was to address a total of 15 students. The requirement and enthusiasm resulted in the participation of 24 members in this awareness initiative named Ex BEAT.

This training initiative focuses on the implementation of ECOps during operations and exercises, introducing basic ecology, geomorphology guiding the learners towards identification of potential military impact on the environment and the avoidance/ minimising thereof during base layout and rehabilitation of negative impacts. (EI101)

Learners receive theoretical background at Biesiespan, Lohalha

Lt Col Laubscher (RFIM CT) introduce learners to basic principles during ex BEAT

BEAT Practical
Different groups analyse and present base layout principles

Ex SEBOKA 07 and A muddy Lohatlha
Never before (never again?) had this Isuzu looked like this!


The need for an incinerator was forwarded during Op Triton IV as no waste management system existed in the Comoros Islands. Incinerators had now been made available for external deployment eg DRC and Burundi, while 43 A Bde transported one of the incinerators to Lohatlha MTA as a trial towards efficient waste management during Ex SEBOKA 06

Ex SEBOKA Incinerator Test
Incinerator for minimising waste generated during exercises