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Integrated Training Area Management Programme

Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM) has the objective of effectively balance military training with sustainable use of military training areas to ensure that such areas remain suitable for future and long-term utilisation. To ensure such a balance, impact management through detailed ecological management initiatives such as integrated planning, effective zoning of training areas, infrastructure management, veld and habitat management, biodiversity, conserving rare and endangered species, the sustainable utilisation of natural resources such as water and energy as well as the rehabilitation of land, soil and vegetation on continuous basis is of utmost importance.

Impacts of military training on the environment

Impacts of military training on the environment

Fire management at Touws River Training Area

Establishing and maintaining firebreaks

De Brug Cultural Historical Building

One of the larger training areas utilised optimally for all services training is situated at De Brug close to Bloemfontein

Erosion control forms part of active ecological management towards sustainable utilisation of land)

De Brug Tortoise

Sustainable management of infrastructure