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Environmental Education, Awareness and Training

Environmental Awareness aims at making all members of the DOD aware of their environmental responsibility in their day-to-day activities through stimulating the development of responsible lifestyles in harmony with the environment as a whole, on the part of all the members of the DOD and that will make them aware of the fact that an acceptable quality of life is dependent on their judicious utilisation of the environment. Bases and units also endeavor to establish and maintain healthy communication with their adjacent land owners and communities through environmental outreach and participative projects. Environmental projects are indicative rather than regulatory and are intended to promote and not prescribe on actions that will foster informal environmental education activities.

Environmental Education and Training is a formal, structured process of internal and external training, which aims at enabling all members of the DOD to execute military activities in their areas of responsibility within the parameters of defence policy and national and international environmental legislation, as well as in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner. Environmental modules have been incorporated at top and middle management military courses as well as some functional military programmes. A functional environmental learning course has been developed and is presented annually to environmental representatives, personnel, as well as practicing environmental health and occupational health and safety (OHS) practitioners in the military.

Environmental awareness during functional training

Learners on the environmental functional course

Learners during practical training at Touws River Training Area