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Environmental Management System

The military sectorís environmental footprint often outweighs that of most other government departments. In the light of this, the number of weapons, motor vehicles, aircraft, ships and other facilities, as well as natural resources under its stewardship, an environmental management system (EMS) is the best way to protect both the environment and maintain operational readiness.

As a key recommendation in the Environmental Implementation Plan (EIP) for Defence, the DOD is committed to develop and implement a Military Environmental Management System (MEMS) following the guidelines of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)-Committee on the Challenges of a Modern Society (CCMS) Pilot Study on EMS in the Military Sector (2000) without the International Standards Organisation (ISO) 14001 accreditation. The Corporate Environmental Policy Statement for Defence will serve to direct the establishment of a MEMS, which will be implemented at all military installations under the guidance of a Corporate MEMS Manual as well as an Installation MEMS Manual.

The MEMS will be integrated into existing policies and management plans, measuring and monitoring as well as the internal auditing process. It is ultimately envisaged to ensure that the necessary controls are secured to yield a universal understanding of the levels of environmental management performance that are required, to measure current performance, identify improvement potential, implement an improvement plan, as well as control and track critical military activities that affect the environment. Aspect and impact registers will red flag certain activities and should be handled as priorities but impacts with low significant ratings should not be disregarded. A review process will prompt adjustments to management plans, standard operating procedures (SOPís) and contingencies and shall take place at least annually.