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Game Management

The DOD accepts responsibly to maintain and advance biodiversity of all wildlife, including rare and endangered species, on its natural areas on condition that it does not place an additional financial burden on or interfere with the military mission of the department. To ensure maximum military utilisation of training areas, it is necessary to maintain the ecological integrity of the environment, by applying sound ecologically and scientific based methods. Apart from applying for official contract grazing schemes and harvesting natural vegetation, the DOD also utilises game for purposes of natural habitat management, thereby contributing to the national conservation effort by protecting rare and endangered wildlife on such areas. Therefore, game occurring on Defence controlled properties are considered and utilised as a natural scientific tool in the management of the habitat and an approach of minimal intervention is applied.

Game is managed in accordance with a approved game management plans and only species, which presently or in the past occurred in an area and is considered indigenous, may be relocated to an area. Game is managed at 60% of the grazing capacity of the area, thereby reducing the necessity for the alienation of excess game.

In accordance with the Department of Agriculture’s grazing capacity norms, a minimum grazing area of at least 100 Large Stock Units (LSUs) is maintained in the application of game as a habitat management tool. This is equal to an area of about 1 000 hectares (ha). Excess game is presented to other Government Departments as a donation on request and is not managed or utilised as an internal source of affordable game farming and hunting activities.

Springbuck at Touws River Training Area in the Western Cape

Relocation and excess game management activities