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Environmental Implementation Plans

The National Environmental Management Act No 107 of 1998 (NEMA) issues instruction to the DOD to develop, implement and update an Environmental Implementation Plan (EIP) and to update this plan every four years. The purpose of the EIP is to co-ordinate and harmonise environmental policies, plans, programmes and decisions of the various national departments, provincial and local spheres of government that exercise functions that affect the environment.

The First Edition EIP for Defence was approved by the Plenary Defence Staff Council (PDSC) on 15 July 2000 and gazetted on 17 February 2001, GG No 22022 Vol 428. The Second Edition EIP for Defence was approved by the PDSC on 18 June 2007 and gazetted on 22 August 2008, GG No 31354 Vol 518.

Environmental Implementation Plan second edition 2008

Environmental Implementation Plan first edition 2000